Caroline Blais

Département de psychologie et psychoéducation
Université du Québec en Outaouais



Research interests

My work uses techniques derived from psychophysics to better understand how socio-cultural environment modulates fundamental visual processes, ranging from the extraction of low-level visual information (e.g. sensitivity to spatial frequencies) to the processing of complex visual information (e.g. face, objects, scenes).

Canada Research Chair in Cognitive and Social Vision – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

In the current context of globalization and multiculturalism, it is increasingly important that we understand how our visual and sociocultural environments affect visual perception. Dr. Caroline Blais, Canada Research Chair in in Cognitive and Social Vision, aims to increase this understanding.

Most visual perception studies to date have been conducted on Westerners, with the few cross-cultural ones conducted on only two cultures at a time. But Blais and her research team hope to increase data diversity by studying visual processing and the communication of social signals across different cultural groups.

Principal ongoing projects

. Impact of culture on visual information extraction

. Ethnic bias impact on the facial information processing of other ethnicity.

. Visual mechanisms underlying facial expressions recognition.

. Impact of culture and prejudices on the processing of the facial expression of pain.



PSY1703 Social Psychology

PSY1743 Psychology, Culture and ethnicity

PSY1583 Quantitative Analysis

PSY2423 Advanced Quantitative Analysis Techniques


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Office : C-3807, Pavillon Alexandre-Taché

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