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Research interests

My work aims to understand how the brain and more specifically the occipito-temporal areas use visual information to effectively recognize faces, written words and letters. To this end, I use psychophysical techniques (e.g. Bubbles, Reverse Correlation) as well as electrophysiology (EEG and ERP) to investigate low-level visual properties (e.g. spatial frequencies and orientations) and how they modulate the recognition of stimuli. My studies are done thanks to the collaboration of healthy participants as well as people who have difficulty recognizing faces (prosopagnosia) and written words (alexia or dyslexia).

Principal ongoing projects

. Individual differences in the perceptual processing of faces.
. Relationship between face identification and recognition of facial expressions.
. Other-race effect.
. Impact of attention in face processing.


PSY1633 Perception in psychology

PSY1653 Cognitive processes

PSY2383 Introduction to neuropsychology
PSY9373 Cognitive neurosciences

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