13 LPVS students presented their data at an international conference in may 2023

Several LPVS students headed to Florida in May 2023 to attend the Vision Science Society conference. These students are :


Chloé Galinier and her presentation: Electrophysiological evidence that own-race faces are recognized more automatically [image]


Laurianne Côté and her presentation: Does perceptual integration efficiency predict face identification skills? [image]


Alex Cousineau and his presentation: The Impact of Culture on the Processing of Spatial Frequencies during the Recognition of Homogeneous Objects  [image]


Arianne Richer and her presentation: Mental Representations of Pain: the Effect of the Sex of the Perceiver  [image]


Daphnée Sénécal and her presentation: The Impact of Face Ethnicity on the Detection of Pain Facial Expressions  [image]


Francis Gingras and his presentation: Using Online Testing to Measure Spatial Frequency and Orientation Tuning in Face Processing  [image]


Isabelle Charbonneau and her presentation: Does Observers’ Ethnicity Influence Visual Strategies for Gender and Expressiveness Judgments ? [image]


Justin Ducaun and his presentation: Early neural dehumanization of other race faces? [image]


Marie-Claude Desjardins and her presentation: The visual representation of pain facial expressions: a high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation study  [image]


Pierre-Louis Audette and his presentation: Parametric study of N170 sensitivity to diagnostic facial information during face identification  [image]


Vicki Ledrou-Paquette and her presentation: N250 amplitude is driven by the eyes in mid-to-high spatial frequencies  [image]


Camille Saumure and her presentation: Which gender do we perceive in a painful face? [image]


Marie-Pier Plouffe-Demers and her presentation: Cultural Determinants of Pain Expression: Investigating Cross-Cultural Display Rules [image]