13 LPVS students presented their data at an international conference last may

Several LPVS students headed to Florida in May 2023 to attend the Vision Science Society conference. These students are :


Chloé Galinier and her presentation: Electrophysiological evidence that own-race faces are recognized more automatically [image]


Laurianne Côté and her presentation: Does perceptual integration efficiency predict face identification skills? [image]


Alex Cousineau and his presentation: The Impact of Culture on the Processing of Spatial Frequencies during the Recognition of Homogeneous Objects  [image]


Arianne Richer and her presentation: Mental Representations of Pain: the Effect of the Sex of the Perceiver  [image]


Daphnée Sénécal and her presentation: The Impact of Face Ethnicity on the Detection of Pain Facial Expressions  [image]


Francis Gingras and his presentation: Using Online Testing to Measure Spatial Frequency and Orientation Tuning in Face Processing  [image]


Isabelle Charbonneau and her presentation: Does Observers’ Ethnicity Influence Visual Strategies for Gender and Expressiveness Judgments ? [image]


Justin Ducaun and his presentation: Early neural dehumanization of other race faces? [image]


Marie-Claude Desjardins and her presentation: The visual representation of pain facial expressions: a high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation study  [image]


Pierre-Louis Audette and his presentation: Parametric study of N170 sensitivity to diagnostic facial information during face identification  [image]


Vicki Ledrou-Paquette and her presentation: N250 amplitude is driven by the eyes in mid-to-high spatial frequencies  [image]


Camille Saumure and her presentation: Which gender do we perceive in a painful face? [image]


Marie-Pier Plouffe-Demers and her presentation: Cultural Determinants of Pain Expression: Investigating Cross-Cultural Display Rules [image]